about me
Who am I?

First of all, I must confess, I do hate doing those descriptions of myself. But I do think it is important to be writing about myself here. Who am I? Why those pages about my photos? What and why and where? Hence I shall try to sum things up as good as possible.

I do have had an interest about photography for a long while. It was fascinating when my father took out his camera during our holidays and shot some frames. And when the film came back from development after a fe days or even weeks from the drugstore. So I started snapping away too some…

Over time this hobby gotten more and more important to me. And since I am a child of the digital age I started with a digital camera very soon. In 2006 I got my first digital SLR and things moved on from there. As you can see in my portfolio most photos are landscapes and objects. But I did venture into portraits too.

about me

I love playing with the sun and its rays. Also breaking the standard/classic rules of photography from time to time helps geting your own look into the shots. No, I do think it is important to adhere to those rules – they are there for a reason. Yet it is sometimes important to ignore them from time to time. Here I personally think that the following saying sums things up pretty nicely.


The beginner that ignores the basic rules for photography, is insane. But who is adhering them for his whole life as a photographer has no phantasy.

Since I do not like to fix myself to one genre of photography, I do enjoy experimenting with new ideas and ways to approach making photos. That is one reason why in 2016 I changed back to analogue middle format film camera. In 2017 I started with developing those films myself. By now I am in love with the look of analogue film and am happy creating new wold analogue content.


Yet I am sure that working with film will not fully replace my digital workflow. It will complement and broaden it. Besides there are still lots more options out there to try my hands on. Maybe going large format with a technical camera, trying collodium wet plates or shooting digital middle format – even so it is horribly expensive.


At the moment I am still thinking if I should add a little blog to this website as well. Showing some of my current projects and give some insights. So by now I am not decided on the issue.